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Dry Eye and Red Eye Assesments

What is Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common problem leaving many suffering daily with irritated sore eyes and can affect anyone at any age.

There are many symptoms to having dry eye, your eyes may sting, burn, and feel scratchy or gritty. Find out what could be causing your dry eye

What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis refers to inflammation of the eyelid margins. Blepharitis is very common now a days – 5% of eye problems in primary care are is said to be related to blepharitis. People of any age can be sufferers, but it is more common in older people over the age of 50.

The reason for some people developing blepharitis is poorly understood. Therefore come in for our Blepharitis Assessment to get a better understanding of the cause for it and more importantly how we can treat it.

What is involved in the assessments?

Ali will first go through the symptoms with you to determine whether you need the dry eye assessment

Milli (the optometrist) will then do a thorough assessment with you using our state of the art equipment, following this she will create a personalised treatment plan for you

You will have a follow up appointment 6 weeks later to assess how the treatment is going

A 3rd and final appointment will be booked 3 months later to go through your progression and ‘sign you off’

Our lovely Pat who is qualified to assess your dry eye needs will give you a courtesy call to ensure that your dry eye needs are being met (on patient request)

About Dunstable Eye Centre

This is our 40th Anniversary in Dunstable, having been established as an independent Practise since 1978. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service, in a friendly professional environment.

Our mission is to make a measurable difference to local eye health by consistently providing the highest quality eye care to every patient, without compromise.

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